The DIANE Project

DIANE (DIstributed ANnotation Environment) is a project funded by the ACTS programme of the European Union. It aims to develop a multimedia service which is generic and in which endusers are able to act as both the content provider and the consumer. Multimedia applications are a driving force of the emerging information society.

Main partners are Kapsch Aktiengesellschaft (Austria), STI (Spain) and IPVR (Germany). The VCPC is an associated partner to Kapsch AG. Part of the work at the VCPC will be carried out in cooperation with the Institut für Computergraphik (ICG), Graz (Austria).

The VCPC will participate by defining requirements from a user's point of view and employing the services developed in the project, evaluating them and creating demonstrations of their use. One demonstrator application will be in the area of training: it will support the centre in its work of teaching users how to write and tune parallel programs, and to use the available software tools. A futher demonstrator will be in the area of cooperative work: the system is intended to be used by VCPC consultants when they discuss coding issues with non-local users of the Centre's resources. This may require not only discussion of features of the source code, but also viewing the output and perhaps watching an animation of the run time behaviour together as indicated by the problem at hand. Trials of this nature will be carried out with colleagues in Graz.