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Simulation in Foundries

Real Cast Simulated Cast
Real Cast Simulated Cast
Pictures courtesy of ÖGI

Simulation of the casting process saves time and money, and so it is becoming a commonly-used technique.
However, simulation is a very compute-intensive process. For example, a form-filing simulation using 100,000 cells requires 12 hours computing time on a workstation and 48 hours for 160,000 cells.
The use of HPCN allows better-quality simulations - using tinier grids - to be performed more quickly.

HPCN for the Austrian foundry industry

In the HPCN-CAST project, Austrian companies with foundry production have been asked whether they use simulation and whether HPCN could help them.

The findings

It is a matter of size. Most of the Austrian companies engaged in foundry production are very small and have no internal expertise for using simulation, so they use external service providers for this purpose. The ÖGI (Austrian Foundry Research Institute) is the most important of these service providers. It is a non-profit cooperative research institute of the Austrian Foundry industry which has been established as a centre-of-excellence specialising in form-filling simulation and solidification simulation. The ÖGI is equipped with powerful computing facilities, special software and expert staff.


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