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The PHAROS Project

ESPRIT project 20162 of the European Union

The PHAROS project aims to assess High Performance Fortran (HPF) as a paradigm for porting large Fortran 77 applications to distributed memory architecures, in comparison to message-passing programming.

To this end, four major commercial Fortran 77 application codes are being ported to HPF within PHAROS. These codes already have message-passing parallel versions. The comparison of HPF to message-passing will consider factors such as:

The project will also assess various tools and compilers that are being used for the HPF code development, compilation, debugging and performance analysis. Feedback from these user experiences is provided to the vendors, who can use this information to improve the quality of their products.

The PHAROS project is funded by the European Union's ESPRIT programme for research and development in information technology. It is a 2 year project, running from January 1996 - December 1997.

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