The PPPE Project Homepage

ESPRIT Project 6643 of the European Union

PPPE stands for "A Portable Parallel Programming Environment". It is a European Research and Development project which was funded as part of the European Union's Framework III research programme ESPRIT. The project has been coordinated by Meiko (UK).


The Institute for Software Technology and Parallel Systems was active within the research sections. The foundation of the VCPC and funding for staff and resources was realised within the 4th year project extension to assist in the transfer of this technology to industry.

The PPPE project has delivered a production quality toolset whose purpose is to simplify the development of large scale scientific and engineering applications for massively parallel distributed architectures. Roughly one hundred man years of research has focused on the experimental development of tools at a higher programming level which are currently emerging as products. The tools developed are portable and will run on a variety of UNIX platforms and parallel systems. The toolset is available at the Centre and includes PARMACS 6.0, ParaGraph+, TotalView debugger and the NAS HPF Compiler and debugger.


* The PPPE Applications
* The PPPE Consortium
* The ANALYST Project
* Pictures from Review Meeting Year-4
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The Centre can provide further information on the tools, including demonstrations and an initial contact with the marketers. All tools are availble for users of the Centre's computing resources and for use in the centre's research and code development projects.

The project has made substantial contributions to standards activities, in particular to the MPI and HPF efforts, in which it actively participated. Software regarding these standards from PPPE and other sources in available on the centre systems.