NAS HPF Mapper & Debugger

HPF Mapper

The N.A. Software Mapper provides a production quality compilation system for High Performance Fortran programmers. It accepts Subset HPF programs with important extensions including:

and produces SPMD Fortran 90 message-passing code which will run on any system supporting a suitable message-passing library (PVM, PARMACS or MPI) and a Fortran 90 compiler.

The Mapper can be provided interfaced to the NAG or EPC Fortran 90 compilers, or to the NAS Fortran 90 Plus compiler. It will run on one or more Sun workstations under Sun OS 4.x or Solaris 2.x. It is available at the VCPC on a Sun workstation cluster and the CS-2.

With no special hardware requirements, the Mapper provides an extremly cost-effective route to this new and exciting language, together with true production quality code generation including array optimisations.

Further details can be found at the N.A.Software website.

HPF Debugger

Traditionally, debugging parallel programs is even harder than writing them. The N.A. Software HPF Mapper comes with a full source level debugger which is as easy to use as a serial debuggger such as dbx - indeed, easier, according to the NAS development team! The debugger has a windows-based GUI providing multiple windows to display source, debug output, (both textual and graphical), and processor hotspot monitoring to assist in code tuning.